In recent years, worldwide video surveillance has had a very strong expansion, CCTV systems have been installed in many public and private structures considered at risk, such as banks, post offices, but also supermarkets, museums, railway stations etc. .. Furthermore, video surveillance systems are increasingly used as a surveillance tool for urban centers.
The video surveillance, although constituting a very effective support for the police forces, has posed several problems over time both of a technical, juridical / administrative type, so much so as to necessitate a continuous comparison with what is the relevant legislation. In fact, when a video surveillance system exists, it is essential that the images taken are, for quality and completeness, useful for a possible investigation activity.
Fear of street crime is a powerful stimulus towards politicians who are thus led to support the installation of CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems. However, it must be borne in mind that the installation of video recording systems is supported, for business reasons, also by commercial companies, such as LOGIC which install connection services, both via cable and wireless, which are reliable, fast and deployable on any type of orographic.