The project to be promoted revolves around the elimination of critical issues, tariff differences, uniformity of services and offers, centralization and rationalization of the booking / use system of berths and implementation of quality services for maintenance and repairs, with the offer of essential telecommunication services such as internet and telephony with webcam view / general and single boat, now standard services in advanced port systems.

The main users will be:
Local administrations to be able to promote and enhance the port area and the territory, giving private entrepreneurs the opportunity to highlight themselves in a system that can direct real benefits by highlighting skills and technologies available on the spot.
Resident boaters, that is, shipowners who choose a specific port as their permanent base, who could benefit from advanced services and can exchange berths with other shipowners, promoting circulation between the participating ports.
The tourist boaters, or all those who, attracted by the nature and the sea of ​​the island, decide to plan a precise itinerary with the possibility of knowing in advance the costs and availability that allow to avoid "jumps in the dark" that rather than attracting, distance many shipowners from the island realities.
The port operators, who would have a qualified and qualifying showcase on which to offer their services, services that are not only related to mechanics or maintainers but also related to tourism, typical cuisine and viable alternatives in case of curiosity towards the territory.