The European Disability Strategy (2010-2020), which aims to improve social inclusion, well-being and the full exercise of the rights of people with disabilities, provides for complementary action at European and national level. The trend is to create a single system of information and services, available for everyone, but especially for the elderly and disabled people, including also the tourism band. All with the help of any telephone / computer terminal (smartphone, released today, which allows everyone to use the mobility services but also all the additional information that will be provided in relation to their position.
To this end, LOGICA has acquired a European patent, or a solution that allows people with disabilities to have access to goods, services and assistive devices. We believe it is necessary to guarantee these groups an equitable basis with others, access to transport, facilities, information technology and communication. In this way, LOGICA has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Sassari (Department of Political Sciences, Communication Sciences and Information Engineering directed by the Director, Prof. Antonietta Mazzette) for the development of ideas within EU and internationally; also, with national companies, partners for the project. The first steps will be taken in the state that will adhere to the pilot project carried out, to be replicated on a national or international basis in large European cities.