Those indicated are the Service Level Agreements that LOGICA undertakes to guarantee on services provided through Wireless, xDSL or Fiber Optic connectivity.
The provision of these services involves third-party operators and depends both on the physical efficiency of the 'end to end' circuit, and on the correctness of the configurations of the devices (LOGICA and third party operators).
Third party operators have supply contracts to LOGICA conditioned by Service Level Agreements. As a consequence, the parameters used by LOGICA to measure their performance are based on intervention and recovery times.

SLA for Connectivity and Access Network
For the bitstream service with fiber optic access, LOGICA guarantees a fault repair time of 6 hours.
For the bitstream service with symmetric access (SHDSL), LOGICA guarantees a fault repair time of 12 hours.
For the bitstream service with asymmetric access (ADSL), LOGICA guarantees a fault repair time of 32 hours.
For service interruptions actually found on symmetric, asymmetric and optical fiber access charges chargeable to LOGICA, removed beyond the times defined by the relevant assurance Service Level Agreement, the Customer may request recognition of a penalty determined in this way: for each hour (solar or working according to the applicable Service Level Agreement) of delay in the restoration, the penalty is equal to the daily fee of the access service.

Further guarantees
Data security: LOGICA undertakes to use all the tools and processes necessary to guarantee the logical and physical security of the customer's applications and data, according to the company's security policies.
Data processing: LOGICA apply the minimum security measures provided by Presidential Decree 318 relating to privacy Law 675/96.
Return of data: LOGICA undertakes to return the customer's data as soon as possible and in any case no later than 30 days, in case of withdrawal of the contract by both parties and in any case at any time that the customer requests a written request.

Applicability limits
The following are the conditions outside the control and management possibilities of LOGICA and that therefore constitute the exceptions in the applicability of the Service Level Agreements:
Causes of Force Majeure: events which, objectively, prevent LOGICA personnel, or specialized personnel of the partner, from accessing the premises of LOGICA or other parts that contain the equipment used to provide the service, such as: strikes and demonstrations with block of communication ways; road accidents; wars and acts of terrorism; natural disasters such as floods, storms, hurricanes, etc;
Seat of the final customer located in a "special area" recognizable by its isolation and low population density (eg islands with less than a thousand inhabitants, mountain areas almost uninhabited, etc.) and / or located in "locality" disadvantaged ", as it is not accessible by ordinary routes or reachable only by special means of transport;
Physical inaccessibility to the fenced area reserved for the Customer: a situation in which the Customer, for whatever reason, does not provide access to his reserved areas for which it is impossible to carry out operations;
Logical inaccessibility to customer resources due to changes in access checks made by the customer and not communicated to LOGICA
Permits from public or private bodies;
Planned interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance: LOGICA will inform the Customer, with 7 days. advance working for routine maintenance and 24 hours in advance for extraordinary maintenance, about the need to carry out routine maintenance with a fax or e-mail notice. For extraordinary maintenance interventions, LOGICA. undertakes to meet the needs of the customer in order to minimize the impact on the service offered;
Unavailability arising from actions not directly attributable to LOGICA
Interruption of Services / Unavailability originating from products and / or services of direct responsibility of the Customer and / or anomaly of software products installed on the platform not managed by LOGICA
Any action of personnel (internal and / or external to the Customer) operating under the responsibility of the Customer.
Unavailability due to the blocking of applications, customizations, batches and other items not supplied or not supported by LOGICA that cause impacts on the systems supplied.
Service volumes that exceed the limits set.
Customer requests for administrative access on the systems provided and managed by LOGICA
Situation of service interruptions detected by customers and due to unavailability of networks of other providers;
Unavailability of Internet service due to disservices on public and private Upstream Providers or Peering;
Non-demonstrable faults,communicated by the customer but not identified by LOGICA
Unavailability for updates of the Data Base of the official bodies that manage Internet rules, infrastructures and protocols (Ripe, Nic, etc.);
Disservices due to line phenomena (eg excessive attenuation, electromagnetic incompatibility) due to unforeseeable phenomena in the design phase and / or due to the dynamics of the technological complexity of the access network.

Empty interventions
The empty intervention occurs in the event that, following a complaint (due to disservice or degradation) of the Customer regarding the services of LOGICA, it is ascertained that the services provided are functioning or that the malfunction is caused by causes not attributable to LOGICA (eg presence at the customer of any technically incompatible products, incorrect configuration, etc.).
In the case of empty intervention by the LOGICA staff, an amount equal to the current tariff will be charged to the Customer, as a reimbursement of the costs incurred.