A fundamental element of the project is the creation of an evolved and open "window", dedicated to the promotion and marketing of the local quality product in the food sector, in particular food & beverage.
Italian companies that open up to international markets to sell agri-food products, register an increase in revenues and profits and have generated "the value chain" by promoting an excellent food and wine heritage.
Global trade is characterized by a high level of complexity that forces companies to equip themselves with specialized structures and to put in place skills to export "Made in Italy" products, which are in great demand on international markets as they are synonymous with quality, safety and well-being.
Over the last decade, Italian exports have generated great opportunities for companies capable of acquiring the technical, managerial and legislative skills necessary to develop reliable and lasting commercial contacts with foreign partners.
Many SMEs still need to know the rules of the market and adapt plants, processes and products to the regulations in force in non-EU countries, Russia, USA, China, South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa with which to establish strategic export-import alliances and allow lasting trade.
Evolving regulations and stringent controls on labeling and food safety, combined with a growing attention to respect for the environment and product quality, are the critical success factors for companies that must equip themselves to export.
LOGICA supports companies with a team of consultants knowledgeable of international markets and experts in the redevelopment of management and production processes related to the export and import activities of agri-food products, with a platform, dedicated to B2B and B2C, and reserved for all producers of quality, qualified to internationalize their products.