Our goal
Is to use technology as a means to improve quality of life, strengthen public administrations and increase the competitiveness of territorial systems.
Due to the geographical disposition of the territory of Sardinia and due to the low population density, the lack of a stable and reliable broadband connection of any form is a primary concern.
Given the need for capillary coverage of the territory, the faster and preferable cost efficient solution is the creation of a wide area network based on wireless systems throughout the territory. This solution does not involve the construction of expensive infrastructures but mostly, where possible, the use of existing infrastructure that may be implemented, or small autonomous structures.
It is a widely used technology that allows the transport of the Internet and related services such as: telephony, video surveillance, environmental control, IoT services, public administration services, and general widespread services that rely on an Internet connection.
Citizens, Companies, Public Administrations in unserviced areas will thus be comparable to other  areas covered by broadband services (ADSL, HDSL Fiber Optic, Wi-Fi) having the same opportunities and the same services available in the large urban areas of the Cities.